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Cyclamate (E-952)

 Cyclamate´s sole European producer: Productos Aditivos. 

We supply our Cyclamate mainly as excipient to the pharmaceutical industry and as additive to the food industry. We have a unique position in this market: based on our quality, reliability and service we supply worldwide to many pharmaceutical companies, as well as to medium sized- and multinational companies in the high-end of the food industry. Main applications are the production of soft-drinks, powder drinks and table-tops.      
Our long experience makes that we can fulfill any needs from our present and future clients for documentation and audits. In case of special requirements regarding the cyclamate, we can offer also specialties with for example specific mesh-sizes, water-content, more restricted impurity levels, etc..  
All our Cyclamate complies with the current editions of the main international pharmacopeias, like  EP, USP, JP and BP, and standards for the Food industry like National Formulary and European Directives.      
For all our raw materials we have various homologated suppliers, and therefor we can guarantee for our Cyclamate continuity of supply and relatively stable pricing

+ Cyclamic Acid

+ Sodium Cyclamate Hydrated

+ Sodium Cyclamate Anhydrous Powder

+ Sodium Cyclamate Anhydrous


Producing for the food - and Pharmaceutical Industry

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The sole European producers of saccharin and cyclamate

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