Productos Aditivos goes greener

We keep out continuous improvement to a more sustainable production


Being a producer and thinking about the climate is a huge challenge. In Productos Aditivos we are pushing forward to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable production approach.

We have recently:
  • Changed all our air generation systems to a 50% more efficient type.
  • Installed a state of the art economizer for our steam boiler. For this purpose we receive financial support from the FEDER program valued in 22.500€.
  • Did a complete lagging of all our heat and cold related equipment.
  • Re-thinking and reducing packaging impact.
  • Starteded to consume electricity 100% from green sources.


These are just this last year's initiatives, and we are working to contribute more to prevent the global climate crisis from going any worse.


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Artificial sweeteners can fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria

vía: Brunel University London

Non-Nutritive Sweeteners Do Not Affect Blood Glucose or other Endocrine Responses

vía: University of Toronto

Artificial Sweeteners Enable Delivery of Carbon Monoxide to Treat Organ Injury

vía: Georgia State University

Cyclamate does not produce neurotoxic effects

vía: ScienceDirect Journal

Saccharin makes no change in gut microbiome or metabolic profile

vía: Microbiome Journal

Artificial sweeteners do not affect gut microbiota

vía: U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information

Artificial sweeteners are useful in weight control

vía: National Center for Biotechnology Information

No correlation found between artificial sweeteners and cancer (found with sugar)

vía: British Medical Journal


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