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Calorie-free sweetener for food, pharmaceutical and technical use. Sweetening power about 40 times higher than sucrose. Highly stable, good shelf-life, tooth-friendly and suitable for people with diabetes. Very synergistic with other low-calorie sweeteners.

Although permitted as sweetener for food, cyclamic acid is mainly used in applications as production of paint, resins, polymeric coating and urethane.

Productos Aditivos supplies cyclamic acid globally to a wide variety of industries. We have a unique position in this market, being the sole producer of cyclamic acid at industrial scale worldwide, offering highest purity, service and flexibility.


Apart from our standard cyclamic acid, we can also offer specialties to meet specific requirements of our customers, with for example specific mesh-sizes, higher purity, etc..

Our processes are certified ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 22000 + PAS 220, and regularly we are being audited by our customers. We are proud to say that always we have been able to “pass the test”, which guarantees the correct establishment of these standards in the daily activity of our company.

Our cyclamic acid complies with the following purity regulations:

  • European directive 2008/60/EU

Cyclamic Acid corresponds to our art. Nº. 1211 / 1213 (Cyclamic Acid).

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